Phra Pidta Pagawan Ven. LP Thap Wat AnLong B.E.2470

Another piece of Venerable LP Thap’s signature amulet. With the amount of gold in it, it’s an open secret why many would want to own at least a piece. Mekasit amulets, famous for its healing and general well being properties are most sought after among veteran collectors…Made around B.E.2460~B.E.2470, many in recent decades are looking for its more prominent property, wealth fetching luck (pokasap) making this Phra Paqawan one of the most famous from Ayuthaya origin.

另一个象征着我们致爱并且尊敬的龙普Thap代表作品。它的特别之处是在于佛牌里藏有少部分金(龙普在制作过程里让水银与金结合),也正是如此,它深受人们厚爱。这也是人们想追随它,想拥有至少一个它的秘密。此外,Mekasit佛牌受大多数资深收藏家收藏的地方,是因为它拥有着健康以及其他多方面功能。制做于 B.E 2460~ B.E 2470 近期来,人们不断寻找它的原因在于它也包含招财与增加财运的主要功能 (pokasap),也正因如此,它成为其中一个来自 Authaya(泰国)被受欢迎的佛牌。