Phra Pidta Phim Khun Long Chumphorn Ven. LP Suk Wat Pakhlong MaKhamTao

This phim niyom is named Khun Long Chumphorn because this batch was initiated by Khun Long Chumphorn in the year 2462, the son of  King Rama V, who is also the Father of Navy then. Among the many great Geaji Archans , Khun Long respected most Ven. LP Suk Wat MakKhamTao and Ven. LP Ngern Wat BanKlang.

这批佛牌最先在2462年由泰王拉玛五世的儿子–khun Long Chumphorn 要求而制,因此此phim niyom模被命名为 Khun Long Chumphorn。在众多的伟大得道高憎里,Khun Long最尊重是Wat(庙)MakkhamTao 的LP SUK 和Banklang庙 的 LP Ngern.

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