Phra Pidta Collections 必打佛/遮面佛收藏品

Phra Paqawan  Phorthan Lek  Wat Ariyakiri Aril, Bachok Kelantan

Phra Pidta LP Kaew Wat Kewan


A rare beauty, artistically created and consecrated by Venerable LP Kaew Wat Kewan

非常罕见那么精美,并且充满着艺术的必达,制作于龙普Kaew Wat Kewan

Phra Pidta LP Yim (phim OmThong) Wat NongBua Kanchanaburi


Phra Pidta Acharn Ken (ner Takua) Wat ThungLor Nakhon SiTammarat B.E. 2490

Phra Pidta Acharn Ken (ner Thong Daeng) Wat ThungLor Nakhon SiTammarat B.E. 2490

Phra Pidta Bangsek

Phra Pagawan LP Nak Wat Huay Chorakae

Phra Pidta LP Kaew Wat Kewan B.E.246+

An immaculate condition of a fine Venerable LP Kaew of Wat Kewan’s Phra Pidta (ner Takua), made around B.E.246+, many substitute this for Venerable’s Phra Pidta Phim Niyom (powder based).

这佛牌是出自于一个非常德高望重的高僧,号称龙普Kaew,佛牌全名为龙普Kaew Wat Kewan必达(ner Takua)。值得一提的是,经历了近百年,从里到外,它依然还保持的那么完美无瑕,可说是非常的难得。制做于 B.E 246+.许多喜欢龙普Kaew以及资深的收藏家会寻找它来替代Phim Niyom(粉状)必达。


Phra Pidta Pagawan Ven. LP Thap Wat AnLong B.E.2470

Another piece of Venerable LP Thap’s signature amulet. With the amount of gold in it, it’s an open secret why many would want to own at least a piece. Mekasit amulets, famous for its healing and general well being properties are most sought after among veteran collectors…Made around B.E.2460~B.E.2470, many in recent decades are looking for its more prominent property, wealth fetching luck (pokasap) making this Phra Paqawan one of the most famous from Ayuthaya origin.

另一个象征着我们致爱并且尊敬的龙普Thap代表作品。它的特别之处是在于佛牌里藏有少部分金(龙普在制作过程里让水银与金结合),也正是如此,它深受人们厚爱。这也是人们想追随它,想拥有至少一个它的秘密。此外,Mekasit佛牌受大多数资深收藏家收藏的地方,是因为它拥有着健康以及其他多方面功能。制做于 B.E 2460~ B.E 2470 近期来,人们不断寻找它的原因在于它也包含招财与增加财运的主要功能 (pokasap),也正因如此,它成为其中一个来自 Authaya(泰国)被受欢迎的佛牌。

Phra Pidta Pagawan LP Chan Wat Jang B.E.2460

Phra Pidta Sammathi LP Ngern Wat BangKlaang

Phra Pidta Lukkadum LP Suk Wat Pakhlong Makkamthao B.E.2462

Phra Pidta LP Rod Wat KhoNon B.E.246+

Phra Pidta Acharn Nu Wat Po B.E.2484

its way into Top Ten Pidtas of Thailand decades ago for its efficacies. This piece in an immaculate condition. Observe the ‘nur’, some fraction of ‘bone and ashes’ (kaduk) visible.

Phra Pidta LP Koon B.E. 2493

Phra Pidta Venerable LP Kaew Phim Langbaek, Wat Ke Wan

Pidta (ivory) Bangsek B.E. 247+

Pidta (ivory) Bangsek B.E. 247+

Phra Pidta LP Si Kaew Wat Sai Yai, Songkhla 2485

Phra Pidta LP Mui Wat Parakam Pakphanong Nakhon 2500

Phra Pidta LP Kaew Wat Kewan 2460

Phra Pidta LP Dam Wat Mai Naparam, Tak Bai 2530

This piece is one of Than Dam’s early makes of Phra Pidta. Two sided (Song Na), both looks the same.

Phra Pidta LP Daeng Wat ThongDee Pracharam, Sg. Golok 2495


Phra Pidta Archan Ken Wat ThungLor, Nakhon SiTammarat 2490

Phra Pidta Venerable LP Kaew Phim Niyom, Wat KeWan

Phra Pidta KhunLap Phisek 2517 Pidta Jumbo Roon Raek LP Khoon, Wat Sak Kaew,Roon Sao Ha

A Navy Chief Marshall, Prachum Wessvikboon’s subordinate, Manik, had a cigarette tinful of ‘pong’ holy powder of Wat Rakang, Wat In and many other famous temple in Thailand. One day, they seek of Khun Chesak Phomsawat, who happens to be a lay disciple of Ven. LP Khoon. They have intentions of donating the tinful of holy powder to a great Luang Phor to make Pidta amulet but do not know of any good Luang Phor. Khun Chesak then introduced his Teacher to him. In the year 2517, Ven. LP Khoon isn’t as well-known as Ven. is now. After much discussion among themselves, Khun Chesak asked Ven. LP for permission to consecrate a Pidta. Ven. LP Khoon gave the green light!

有一位海军总司令–Prachum Wessvikboon的下属,Manik,储存了一大批Wat Rakang,Wat In等著名寺院和泰国粉末。他很想把所收集到的粉末捐给一位得道高僧来制造一批必打佛牌。机缘巧合之下, 他们找到了尊贵的LP Khoon 的徒弟,– Khun Chesak Phomsawat(人名),要他介绍一位得道高僧以完成他的愿望。 在佛历2517年的时候, LP Khoon还没有成名,所以经过慎重的考虑和商讨后,Khun Chesak 终于向 LP Khoon提出他们的要求, 而尊贵的LP Khoon 也欣然答应了!

Phra Pidta KhunLap Phisek 2517 Pidta Jumbo Roon Raek LP Khoon, Wat Sak Kaew,Roon Sao Ha is considered the very first amulet Ven. LP hand-made by himself from begining to end. On top of the holy powder donated by Khun Prachum, Ven. LP added his own collection of powder consisting of ‘pong athan’, ‘pong saksit’ and his hair. Some of this amulets have takrut ‘thong-kam’ and ‘thak-thim’ or raw ruby. Thak-thim’s nickname is called ‘kin-boh-siang’ which means unlimited wealth and forever rich. It was made very limited in quantity, about 175 pieces only. The amulet mould was subsequently destroyed and thrown into the lake at Wat Sak Kaew. This batch is only found in the hands of Khun Prachum, Khun Chesak, Khun Nawee Chan, Khun Manik, Khun Nawee Manik, Khun Prakit Takhun and Khun Prakai Perk. Ven. LP Khoon chose to make and poksek this Pidta on Wan Sao Ha. Wan Sao Ha is a very auspicious day in Thai Buddhist calender. An auspicious day that is hard to come by. It simply means the Saturday that falls on the 5th Lunar day on the 5th Lunar month. It marked ‘completeness’! Any amulets or buchas poksek on Wan Sao Ha is complete with all types of positive energy of the highest order, may it be Metta, Mahalap…everything! Ven. LP Khoon chanted and meditated this batch the whole night!

帕必打KhunLap Phisek2517 Pidta Jumbo (大模)Roon Raek LP Khoon, Sak Kaew庙, Roon Saoha是第一尊LP Khoon从头到尾亲手制造的佛牌。除了Khun Prachum 捐赠的粉末外,LP Khoon也加了他本身收集的”pong athan” (有灵体的圣分),”pong saksit” (Saksit的意思是确保佛牌肯定发挥神圣的力量,pong是圣粉)和他的头发。此批佛牌有一些有加上金符管(Takrut),有些有“Thak-thim”或宝石。泰国人也称”thak-tim”为“kin-boh-siang”,意味着无限的财富和永远富有。 由于圣粉有限,此批佛牌只造了大概175尊,佛牌的模具在佛牌完成后被摧毁及丢到Sak Kaew庙前的河流。 此批特别的佛牌只分发给Khun Prachum, Khun Chesak, Khun Nawee Chan, Khun Manik, Khun Nawee Manik, Khun Prakit Takhun 和Khun Prakai Perk. 此批特别佛牌除了用料神圣外,尊贵的LP Khoon也选择了在Wan Sao Ha (此日子乃泰国佛教日历里一个非常吉祥的日子,它指的是坐落在五月五日的周六,这一天被认为是最完整,圆满的一天)念经开光。任何在这一天开光的佛牌,佛像或任何圣物,都将拥有最完整,最高强的正能量! 尊贵的LP Khoon当天一整天为此佛牌念经开光!!

Phra Pidta Ven. LP Kron, Wat BangSek

This is Phim Jaek Mae Nak, take a look at the ner/substance or texture of this amulet, it is very relevant to Ven. LP Kron’s Phra Pidta Phim Niyom. The previous owner collected this phim personally from Ven. Chao Khun Chan’s hand in BangSek. This amulet’s energy is more into Maha Amnat, Kungkhaphan Chatree, Klaewklard then Mahalap and some Metta. Very suitable for individual who’s looking into enhancing his status of superiority eg a leader of an organization or someone that is always engage into power play in negotiation or politics.

这是Jaek Mae Nak模,请注意观察它的原料/物质或本佛牌的纹理,它与崇高的LP Kron开光的帕必打Niyom模非常相似。上一手的拥有者亲自在Bangsek(在马来西亚,吉兰丹州的一个地名,Venerable LP Kron和Chao Khun Chan主持的庙宇所在地)从崇高的Chao Khun Chan(潮坤陈)的手中恭请到的。 这佛牌的能量倾向于Maha Amnat(权威),Kungkhaphan
Chatree(武士般的刀枪不入),Klaewklard(避险),和一些Mahalap(财运)和Metta(吸引力/人缘)。 非常适合想提高自己的领导地位,或者时常有牵涉到政治或权力角力的谈判者佩戴。

Phra Pidta Ven. LP Ngern Wat BanKlang

This Phra Pidta is ner din (made from earth) . It was discovered in year 2514 in urns hidden in Chedis. Though small in size, but yet it is very potent with Metta MahaLap.

这批在佛历2514年被发现隐藏在Chedis瓮里的土制帕必打(泰语称土制的佛牌为ner din)虽然很小,但是它充满了metta mahalap(招财运)的能量.

Phra Pidta Phim Khun Long Chumphorn Ven. LP Suk Wat Pakhlong MaKhamTao

This phim niyom is named Khun Long Chumphorn because this batch was initiated by Khun Long Chumphorn in the year 2462, the son of  King Rama V, who is also the Father of Navy then. Among the many great Geaji Archans , Khun Long respected most Ven. LP Suk Wat MakKhamTao and Ven. LP Ngern Wat BanKlang.

这批佛牌最先在2462年由泰王拉玛五世的儿子–khun Long Chumphorn 要求而制,因此此phim niyom模被命名为 Khun Long Chumphorn。在众多的伟大得道高憎里,Khun Long最尊重是Wat(庙)MakkhamTao 的LP SUK 和Banklang庙 的 LP Ngern.

Phra Pidta Ven. LP Thap Wat Anlong Phim Tang

This Phra Pidta is made from megasit, a kind of rare like leklai. Those days in 2460s-2470s, very very few Ven. Teacher was qualified to make amulets from megasit. Ven. was so good that even Ven. LP Suk, Wat MakKhamTao came to learn under him. Ven. LP  Thap passed away at the  age 91 yrs old in the year 2480. Therefore we estimate that this Pidta could be made between the year 2460-2470.  In those days, Ven was considered among the best in Ratanakosin.

Megasit has its own natural energy even before consrecation, it’s more into Amnat, Kunghaphan and Klaewklard but with puthaphisek, it’s even better. The uniqueness of this Phra Pidta, it is used with water to cure problems related with bad luck.

这帕Pidta是由megasit,一种像leklai(沥赖)一样罕见的圣物所制。在佛历2460s-2470s,非常非常少的法师有资格制做由megasit制做的佛牌。即使强如Wat MakkhamTao的LP Suk都来
向Ven. LP Thap学习制作。 Ven. LP Thap在佛历2480年,在他91岁时圆寂,因此我们估计这Pidta生产于2460-2470年之间。  在那个年代,Ven LP Thap 被公认Ratanakosin 区内法力最要好的高憎之一。


Phra Pidta Phim TaPhap, Ven. LP Klin Wat SaPhanSung, Thonburi

This phim should be made in the region of 2480 or years after. If you happen to be a Ven. LP Iam Wat SaPhanSung’s serious collector, you might say it is Ven. LP Iam’s makings. In our opinion too, it has a very good chance to fall under Ven. LP Iam but since the previous owner said it is Ven. LP Klin, we just labeled it as so. Most important is this is a good collection because both Gaeji Archan are great in making efficacious Phra Pidta.

这模应该是在佛历2480年代或以后制作的。如果你刚好是Saphansung庙,崇高的LP Iam佛牌的收藏家,你可能会说这是出自LP Iam的手。其实我们也认为它很大机会是LP Iam开光的,但是上一手的主人说这是出自崇高的LP Klin的手,我们唯有将它标记为Ven.LP Klin。最重要的是这是一尊很值得收藏的佛牌,因为两位崇高的得道高憎所开光的帕Pidta都非常的灵验。

Phra Pidta Ven. LP Khai Wat ChengLen

Phra Pidta Ven. LP Khai are very rare to find because Ven. don’t make them all the time. Having to see with your own eyes or having to even own  a piece is indeed good parami. Some are with and some are without yants at the back. The values for Ven. LP Khai’s Phra Pidta is usually very high due to the demand for it. The energies of Ven. Pidta is usually Metta maha Niyomm just like his Teacher, Ven. LP Kaew. Ven. LP Khai was born on a Sunday, 5th May 2400 and passed away in year 2475. Ven. is very learned and attained as Ven. has studied and trained under many great Gaeji Archans. Ven. started to consrecate amulets from year 2460. This particular phim featured above are more in Metta Maha Niyom and Klaewklard.
Katha Phra Pidta Ven. LP Khai
Phagawan Na Mo Budh Dha Ya

由Ven. LP Khai开光的帕Pidta非常罕见。因此能够亲眼看见或亲自拥有一尊是一种福分。有一些后面有yants(经文),有一些则没有。因为由Ven. LP Khai开光的帕Pidta需求量非常高,所以价钱通常也非常高。Ven. 开光的佛牌通常像他的师傅–Ven. LP Kaew 一样偏向Metta maha Niyomm(声望/名声/大众缘)。 Ven LP Khai出生于星期日,佛历2400年5月5日,于佛历2475圆寂。Ven. 曾经向多位得道高憎学习,并于佛历2460年开始制作佛牌,以上显示的佛牌偏向于Metta Maha Niyom和Klaewklard(避险).

Ven. LP Khai 帕必打的经文
Phagawan Na Mo Budh Dha Ya

Phra Pidta Wat PakThaLay, Ven. LP Kaew

Ven. LP Kaew was born in year 2385 and passed away in year 2470 at the age of 85. Ven. started consrecating Phra Pidta during his mid 40s to 50s. We are afraid we can’t produce any photos or potraits of Ven. cos it was no where to be seen. Though his Phra Pidta was known to be of Maha Amnat and Maha Kungkaphan, but that was because Ven. is from Petburi, a town that was very much of a cowboy town those days. Therefore his skills are prevalent of Amnat and Kungkaphan, which isn’t a surprise. Actually Ven. LP Kaew’s Phra Pidta is famous because of Maha Chok (Luck) and Maha Metta (Loving-kindness).

There isn’t any actual record of when this Phra Pidta was made but any Ven. LP Kaew enthusiast will find this or similar phims in  popular antique amulets magazines or references in Thailand.

崇高的LP Kaew出生于佛历2385年,在佛历2470,85岁时圆寂。师傅在他40岁中期到50岁时开始制造帕必打。因为师傅身处于治安非常差的Petburi(泰国的一个地名),大家都认为他的佛牌/圣物都 因为Maha Amnat(权威)和Maha Kungkaphan(刀枪不入)而闻名。但是师傅开光的帕必打佛牌是因为它的Maha Chok (好运)和Maha Metta(仁爱)灵验度而闻名。

虽然没有任何的记载收录了这一尊帕Pidta的制作年份,但是任何一位Ven. LP Kaew的收藏家都可以在泰国著名及权威的古牌杂志或书籍上发现到相似的Phim(模)

Phra Pidta Phim HaLiam, Ven. LP Suk Wat PakKhlong MakKhamTao

Phra Pidta HaLiam (pentagon) is another famous phim of Ven. LP Suk Wat MakKhamTao. It should be made in the year 2462.

帕必打HaLiam(五角形)是MakkhamTao庙,崇高的LP Suk另一款出名的模。它应该在佛历2462开放给信众恭请和结缘。

Phra Pidta Ven. LP Muak, Wat Phairod Pacharam, Narathiwat

Front caption Back caption

Ven. LP Muak is actually the son of Ven. LP Kron’s sister. He is also the cousin of Chao Khun Mit Wat Uttamaram Singapore. Ven. was very involved in the making of Phra Pidtas with his uncle Ven. LP Kron when residing in Bangsek temple. Ven. LP Muak decided to make a different style of Phra Pidta from his uncle. Ven. added many of his own pong plus pong angkhan ( Ven. LP Kron’s ashes ) and the wood from Ven. LP Kron’s mai katha (tongkat). Just like his predecessor, all his Phra Pidtas are made by hand and finishes off with knife carving, himself. So to identify  just by recognizing one type of phim is insufficient.

尊贵的LP Muak是尊贵的LP Kron姐姐的儿子,同时也是新加坡Uttamaram庙主持,尊贵的Chao Khun Mit 的亲戚。 当尊贵的LP Muak在Bangsek庙挂单的时候,他已经开始帮忙LP Kron制造必打佛牌。 他舅舅仙逝后,他就开始制造与他舅舅不同风格的必打佛。他增加了很多他自己收集的粉末,还有珍贵的pong angkhan(LP Kron的骨灰),和LP Kron mai katha (LP Kron制造的拐杖)的木材。 他延续了LP Kron的方式,那就是所有的必打佛牌都由他亲手制造,在最后一个工序时用刀雕刻。所以要认证LP Muak的佛牌必须要对他所制造过的佛牌有很深的认知,

This phim was believed to be made in the year 2520/21. This piece comes with a certificate of 2nd place in an amulet competition. The ceritifcate isn’t important because anybody with money can get it,  most important is details pertaining to the amulet eg, texture, pong, markings are all relevant. Those points are more important than any certificates.

此必打佛牌应该是佛历2520或佛历2521制造,同时也附上佛牌比赛得第二名的证书。 我们深深的认为证 书其实并不重要,因为任何有钱人都不难搞到证书。最主要的还是它的粉末,用料,佛像,标记都可被确 认。这些点是比任何证书重要。

Ven. LP Muak passed away in the year 2530. 尊贵的LP Muak于佛历2530年(公元1987年)圆寂。